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Consultatie si plan de tratament

50 Lei

Igienizare si profilaxie dentara

Detartraj + Periaj profesional

150 Lei

Periaj profesional

50 Lei

Air Flow - Ambele arcade

100 Lei

Fluorizare / arcada

50 Lei

Professional dental scaling and cleaning

Ultrasonic dental scaling – this is a noninvasive dental procedure which aims at completely removing the scale and the bacterial deposits off the teeth and from underneath the gums.

Dental cleaning is required in order to polish the tooth surface and it is an addition to the dental hygiene.

We recommend that you have this procedure done twice a year, since it keeps the teeth clean and prevents dental cavities.


Pansament calmant / devitalizare

70 Lei

Drenaj endodontic

80 Lei

Pulpectomie monoradiculari

100 Lei

Obturatie canal monoradiculari

50 Lei

Pulpectomie pluriradiculari

130 Lei

Obturatie canal pluriradiculari

70 Lei

Dezobturare in caz de tratament endodontic

60 Lei

Tratament gangrena monoradiculari

100 Lei

Tratament gangrena pluriradiculari

150 Lei

Chirurgie - Extractii dentare

Extractie monoradiculari

100 Lei

Extractie pluriradiculari

150 Lei

Extractie laborioasa

200 Lei

Extracție dinti temporari

50 Lei

Extractie dinti mobili

70 Lei

Tratament alveolita

70 Lei

Tratament pericoronarita

70 Lei

Scos fire sutura

50 Lei

Teeth whitening

This is the most popular and most used dental esthetics procedure intended to restore the natural colour of the teeth.

The teeth whitening procedure performed by the dentist is the most efficient option and it may last up to 2-3 years depending on each patient’s life style

Estetica dentara

Albire profesionala / arcada

300 Lei

Albire interna - la dinti devitali

200 Lei

Aplicare bijuterii dentare

80 Lei


Obturatie compozit 1 suprafata

120 Lei

Obturatie compozit 2 suprafețe

150 Lei

Obturatie compozit 3 suprafețe

170 Lei

Obturatie compozit armata cu pivot

200 Lei

Sigilare santuri si fosete / dinte

50 Lei

Coafaj direct

80 Lei

Coafaj indirect

80 Lei

Prosthetics procedures

Dental crowns: they are used in order to fully cap or encircle a destroyed tooth but they also play a very important esthetic role. The dental crowns definitely improve the physiognomy by the replacement of the missing teeth and they rebalance the dental occlusion. /p>

Dental veneers: these are wafer- thin, highly resistant and enduring ceramic shells designed to cover the natural surface of the teeth and their role is highly esthetic.

Dental prosthetics: a dental prosthesis is the fastest solution to getting a functional smile at low costs.


Coroana ceramica pe suport zirconiu

700 Lei

Coroana integral ceramica

600 Lei

Coroana metalo - ceramica cu prag ceramic

500 Lei

Coroana metalo-ceramica

400 Lei

Cupa metalo - ceramica

320 Lei

Coroana metalo - acrilica

200 Lei

Coroana metalica

150 Lei

Coroana acrilica - provizorie

70 Lei

Coroana acrilica - definitiva

100 Lei

Fatete ceramice

900 Lei

Proteză totala acrilica

800 Lei

Proteza partiala acrilica

800 Lei

Proteza valpast

1,400 Lei

Proteza pe capse

1,000 Lei

Proteza scheletata

1,800 Lei

Proteza scheletata cu chit compozit

2,000 Lei

Proteza kemeny

250 Lei

Rebazare proteza

150 Lei

Reparație proteza / inlocuire croset sau dinte

100 Lei

Ablatie lucrari / coroana

30 Lei

Dispozitiv corono-radicular

150 Lei

Gutiera bruxism

150 Lei

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