Dr. Valentina Gavita


My name if Valentina GAVITA and I am a dentist in Oradea City; for the past 15 years I have been practicing dental medicine with nothing but passion and dedication. Due to my professional expertise, my involvement, my empathy abilities and extreme patience, I easily manage to develop long-term relationships with my patients, who would always return to my practice feeling confident and relaxed.

I love my job simply because it helps me grow and gives me the opportunity of learning something new with each day passing by, since every patient and every situation poses new medical challenges for me.
I welcome my patients in a comfortable and friendly environment; the state-of-the-art medical equipment available in the dental practice which I fully master, helps me provide exceptional dental services in Oradea City.

My greatest professional satisfaction lies in the happiness on the face of a satisfied patient.


The smile has the power to change lives. GAVIDENT is not only about dentistry, we are the designers of your smile; we draw the smiles that will further allow people to fully express their personality.

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We are SMILE designers :)

GAVIDENT - Dental Practice in Oradea City